Travel Insurance

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Part of being a savvy traveler is to expect the unexpected. Along with the great memories you create while traveling, unforeseen mishaps such as flight cancellations, delays, sickness or a medical emergency can occur without warning.

Purchasing a travel insurance plan to suit your needs can increase your sense of security and alleviate some of the worry associated with travel. Credit card and travel suppliers may not always be able to protect you and your travel investment in every situation with the coverage they provide so it is crucial to make sure you are protected. One example when traveling abroad; medical insurance policies seldom cover deductibles for out-of-network providers. Are you still unsure you need travel insurance? Discover how Travelex can provide that sought after peace of mind by reviewing the following information.

Travel Insurance Plans

Travel Basic

Travel protection for all your essential travel needs; providing a list of trip cancellation reasons, first payer coverage and an upgrade for rental vehicle and flight accident coverage.

If you are a budget conscious traveler planning a short domestic vacation, the best plan is the Travel Basic, because it provides the essential trip protection and it covers a broad list of benefits. This competitive coverage provides necessary safeguards to ensure the trip investment is protected against the unexpected. Travel Basic provides you with a wide range of covered reasons for Trip Cancellation, as well as extensive post departure coverage to help protect you while you're away.

Traveling creates memories that can last a lifetime. Gain peace of mind by purchasing the right travel insurance to protect your trip investment from unexpected events.

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Travel Select

This plan is trip protection for all types of trips and travelers and is customizable to match your needs from a selection of upgrades.

Travel Select provides travel protection coverage for children under 21 at no additional cost when accompanied by a covered adult family member. With the customizable "Active Family Pak" upgrade this plan can greatly enhance your family protection. This will make travel with a family easier with coverage for child care cancellation, reimbursement for movie rentals due to overnight delays, medical protection for a traveling pets and more.

Additionally, Travel Select offers the "Adventurer Plus Pak" upgrade for the adventurous traveler who engage in daring activities like parasailing or mountain climbing. And finally, for the traveling professional, the "Professional Pak" upgrade. This upgrade provides added reasons for reimbursement due to work related interruption or cancellation. Also covered is the optional business travel upgrade for protection of professional equipment.

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Travel Max

The luxury protection plan is for complete coverage, encompasses unique benefits in the base plan such as sports equipment rental, pet medical coverage and cancellation due to business reasons.

Travel Max is a deluxe travel protection plan loaded with top of the line benefits and level of coverage. One of the prime benefits of this Travelex plan is that it is the only one to offer an optional "Cancel for Any Reason" upgrade. If you opt for this upgrade it offers travelers the benefit to cancel for any reason, up to 2 days before the trip's schedule departure and receive reimbursement of up to 75% of the trip cost. (Cancel for Any Reason: Maximum trip cost $10,000 per person.)

The Travel Max plan is an ideal international travel protection plan as it offers travelers a substantial amount of coverage designed for emergency medical expenses and medical evacuation. Finally, the Travel Select and Travel Basic plans have many built in benefits that are typically found as upgrades in the Travel Max plan.

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Flight Insurance

Choice of flight accident benefit. This plan lets you chose how much protection you need and whether other travel protection benefits are a good idea.

A flexible plan with benefits that offers you two flight insurance enrollment options;

Flight Insure Plus.
Ideal for people who don't know how often they'll be travelling throughout the year, the single trip insurance plan is optimal. The best flight insurance plan for travelers who anticipate more than three trips a year is the multi-trip option. Customizable coverage options are also available under Flight Insure Plus.

The "Flight Only" coverage provides a protection plan for flight accidents and includes travel assistance and concierge services.

The "Package Plan" option travel insurance covers the flight accident benefit and includes standard post departure benefits like medical evacuation, medical coverage and baggage coverage as well.

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Business Traveler

Give yourself some extra peace of mind when travelling for business and protect your laptop or iPad. Additionally the Business Traveler plan offers upgrades for rental cars and medical benefits.

Ideal for large or small companies, Business Traveler trip insurance covers those seeking protection for their traveling employees. This plan offers two flexible options including generous upgrades so you may customize this plan to suit your specific needs.

Unforeseen events and delays are part of the stressful world of business travel. With the right business travel insurance these obstacles become easier to navigate. Our plan offers customized protection made for business professionals. Save with our multi-trip options and protect your professional equipment and sanity while on the road.

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